Aviation Law

Show Causes - Suspensions - Cancellations - Aircraft Lease Agreements - Seizures & Recoveries - Accident & Injury Claims - Aircraft Sale & Purchase Agreements - Damage & Insurance Claims - Employment Contracts - Asset Security & PPSA Registrations

We are experienced in dealing with CASA's legal and investigative divisions, Insurers and Loss Assessors, the ATSB, various State Departments of Planning and Environment, and other players in the aviation industry.

For corporate clients or those heading into business we regularly establish company and trust structures, prepare aircraft lease and sale agreements, employment contracts, and business sale contracts. Much of the everyday legal work that is sourced from the business end of the aviation industry is commercial work, which is discussed below.

We appear in the Commonwealth Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), the various State Courts, and the Federal Court as may be required on specialist or general matters in support of our clients.

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