Who we are

We are pilots, chief pilots, check and trainers, operations managers, engineers, aircraft, and AOC owners with decades of industry experience who also practice law. In most cases we have first hand experience in being on the receiving end of employment issues, leasing disputes, CASA administration, sales or purchase issues, insurance claims, and all the other everyday pitfalls of the aviation industry. We use our industry experience to assist clients in resolving the issues they face, without having to explain the jargon, why engine time is different to air time, or what maintenance time is. Our specialist knowledge allows us to get to the critical issues faster, cheaper, and to capitalise on tactical opportunity while others are still questioning how a split pin can be backwards. In short…we speak your language.

If you have a different type of matter, we can still look after you. Our Practice Areas highlight the more traditional legal services we offer, and if it isn't there, just ask us who you should be talking to. We will happily point you in the right direction free of charge. What often seem like complex issues become less so with an understanding of how the process works, and what things mean. We are practically minded, and prefer solutions over fees. We do not do unnecessary or mundane work that other firms may do, just to be able to bill you. If there is any easy way, or you can do some of the work yourself to save costs, we will point this out so you have the option to choose how your matter proceeds.

We know your time is precious, ours is precious too, that's why we prefer appointments. You can make an appointment here:
Schedule an Appointment
Call us. If you get our virtual reception, leave your name, contact number, and the nature of your matter. Our admin team will direct your message to the right lawyer for your matter in just a few minutes. We think it actually works faster than a conventional reception because you will speak to the right person the first time. We aim to call you back within 5 minutes, but if you want a guarantee, please schedule an appointment.

We understand you can be broken down at a remote helipad outside phone coverage, strapped in all day at 30,000 feet, or confined with your crew inside a couple of square meters where you simply cannot make a call. If you have an urgent
Court Appearance, had an Aircraft Accident, been Arrested, had a Warrant, or immediate CASA Direction served upon you, you can use our HOTLINE request to arrange an urgent, after hours consultation. A 15-minute Skype consultation at 10.00pm could be the difference between not seeing your kids for the next year, and ongoing shared custody. We understand and see this situation frequently, so where we can, we accomodate it. If this happens to you, submit a HOTLINE request, and our duty lawyer will contact you as soon as possible.

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