Domestic Violence

Protection & Aggravated Violence Orders - Police Initiated Orders - Breaches - Amended Orders

Domestic Violence occurs in many forms and has become the scourge of our modern society.  If you have been charged by Police with a domestic violence offence, or have Police initiated Application against you, we can assist.  In many cases an Order takes effect immediately and may see people displaced from their homes the same day.  Failure to appear at a hearing (usually 3-4 days after a charge is laid), can result in an Order that lasts for five years, and restrict access to the family home, and children.  

If you are the victim of domestic violence, we can move quickly to protect you and your family, and secure access to the family home and possessions through either a Police or Private Application.  In most States, only one Police Application can only be initiated. In this respect the party that acts first often holds the initiative. Make an appointment to speak with us if you need help, don’t delay, it can be very costly.

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